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Get The Inside Edge With A Team Kitchens – Our Top 3 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Get The Inside Edge With A Team Kitchens – Our Top 3 Kitchen Trends for 2019


If you’re into ‘The Block’ and other home reno shows, you’ll know that the favourite quote is always “kitchens sell houses”. Whilst this is true, the functionality and liveability of your new kitchen is the whole reason we’re dedicated to designing better kitchens; not for resale, but so that you can enjoy cooking, entertaining and living in your home.

There are some great articles out there if you’re interested in the latest on kitchen design trends, but if you’re short of time, here’s a quick summary of our top 3 trends that we think will continue into 2019…

Trend # 1 – Matt Black is the New Black – We’re increasingly seeing the use of black and darker colours in kitchens; moving away from the all-whites and introducing these darker tones can create a feeling of sophistication and modernity. And if you’re not sure about the black idea, then check out our gallery online (www.ateamkitchens.com.au) – the use of matt black is THE hottest thing right now, as it softens and creates intimacy in a kitchen space. It can also create optical illusions for the eye – our latest matt black kitchen for the Hughes family, sees the cabinetry almost disappearing into the corner, focusing the eye on the glorious outside spaces and views.

Get The Inside Edge With A Team Kitchens – Our Top 3 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Trend # 2 Timber is STILL IN and here to stay – Natural timbers and high spec timber laminates, softening the use of stark whites and blacks is something we’re loving working with right now. Given that most of our team have a carpentry background, and we love working with natural timbers, we can’t say we’re sorry to see this one continuing! Whether you choose to use new or old timbers, there are so many brilliant options available from lighter, creamy Tasmanian Oaks through to the rich red of Jarrah pieces. They can compliment and feature in any design and are durable and long lasting. The beauty of these materials will be a real talking point and if you make the right selections, are sustainable and eco-friendly choices (eg bamboo). If you need advice about which timber to choose, please just give us a call.

Get The Inside Edge With A Team Kitchens – Our Top 3 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Trend # 3 – Custom-Designed Kitchens build in flexibility – Now, of course we’d pick this one in our top 3! But we mean ‘custom’ in more than just working with a good kitchen designer/builder rather than purchasing a kitchen ‘out-of-the-box’. Building flexibility into your kitchen design and creating multiple options for usage takes some serious design work. Moveable islands, incorporating butcher’s blocks and flexible breakfast bars can create a multi-use space and adaptable storage is red hot right now. Feel free to chat to us about what flexibility you’d like built in to your new design, we love the challenge!

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