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Handle-less Kitchens! (just right for COVID19 time)


Handleless kitchens are a big thing in 2020, and create a modern, minimalist, futuristic look. And it’s not only for looks! Depending on how you install them, they can help...

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Time to Dream of A Beautiful Kitchen – Stone Age


The return of stone in 2020 has been one of the strongest waves of kitchen trends we’ve seen this year so far. From black granite to white marble, people are...

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A Team Kitchens


At A Team Kitchens & Joinery we take great pride in expert craftsmanship and we like to think we know everything there is to know about custom kitchens. If you...

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The Power of 3D Design


3D design can seem like a bit of overkill for some people, especially for people who aren’t into technology. But A Team’s incredible tech can help change your kitchen design...

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2020 Trends – High Tech Kitchens


As we move into the new decade, we see new kitchen appliances and inventions hitting the shelves! Inbuilt wine fridges, vacuum and warming drawers, blast chillers, touch screen fridges, smart...

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2020 Kitchen Predictions


Let’s make 2020 the year of the kitchen! While many trends will stay the same this year (such as all white kitchens), we’re predicting many new trends will arrive in...

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Summer Kitchens


Summer is undoubtedly the best time of year to love being in your beautiful kitchen. And this week’s blog is an inspiration for summer; how to dress and style for...

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Beautiful Pendant Lighting


Good lighting in your kitchen is critical for functionality and can also change the feel and mood of the room substantially, so it’s always best to think about what kind...

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Coloured Cabinetry Pazzazz!! Colourful Inspirations


Coloured cabinetry is in! Making a huge difference in your home is as simple as swapping out or painting your existing cabinets to a different colour. Choosing what colour you...

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