2020 Trends – High Tech Kitchens

As we move into the new decade, we see new kitchen appliances and inventions hitting the shelves! Inbuilt wine fridges, vacuum and warming drawers, blast chillers, touch screen fridges, smart bins that compost your food, LED wallpaper, induction cookers, you name it! 2020 is the year of smart kitchens! Let’s just hope your fridge can’t start a robot uprising.

Inbuilt wine fridges are an excellent idea for the New Year. Two-tiered wine fridges can even keep your drinks separately at different temperatures!

Vacuum and warming drawers are great ideas if you love to cook. Being able to keep certain parts of a recipe warm or cold can be crucial to some meals! And blast chillers are also great for the chefs in your household. It can make creating those last-minute desserts so much quicker to chill.


Touch screen fridges might seem like overkill, but having a fridge that can remind you of what you need to buy, play music, monitor your food freshness, show recipes and share your calendar can be extremely useful!


A smart composting bin is also an amazing addition to your kitchen. Smart composting bins monitor moisture, temperature and airflow is optimal for composting. This also will limit the amount of methane gas created, meaning no smell!


Induction cookers in 2020 have had an upgrade – some induction cook tops have mobile apps! Using a cooktop that is easy to clean, safer for your family, accurately produces temperatures and fast at heating up seems like one of the best options for a stove top!


And here’s where it gets really tech crazy… LED wallpaper controlled by your mobile phone can create a different mood in your kitchen at a press of a button!

In 2020, why not create your very own kitchen of the future!