Party Kitchens

As Christmas approaches, so does party season! Summer parties, pool parties, New Year’s Eve parties…! Getting your kitchen prepared for party season is so important – when you’re hosting a party the kitchen is your most important room. Preparing food, keeping drinks cold, mingling, serving drinks and cleaning efficiently post-party are all important aspects that happen in your kitchen.

Do you have enough room for food and drinks? Enough space to stand? These are all things to think about when designing your kitchen to accommodate party season. Adding extra storage where you can is a great start. A wine fridge, or mini fridge is also a great idea if you’re planning to have large gatherings. Built-in ice buckets (that can also double as planters or fruit/veg storage) in the centre of countertops are the latest feature!

Utilising a large kitchen island is a great idea as well. Having an island is great for serving dips and chips, and you can add bar stools!

Being able to mingle whilst looking after food and drinks is important, so adding these bar stools can help gap the bridge between you and your guests. Having a large kitchen sink is also important; great for stacking dishes until you eventually decide to do them!

Connecting your kitchen if you can to an outdoor space is also a valuable way to extend your entertaining space. Even better, if you can add a covered outdoor kitchen area, you’ll find you extend your outdoor dining through much more of the year.

Lighting is also an important feature. Pendant lights are great for brightening an area but might create issues with seeing your guests (See our pendant light blog for info on selecting the right pendant lights for your space!). And remember, seeing your guests is important but seeing what you’re cooking and serving is more important. Maybe try ceiling lights with added pendants above your island bench in your kitchen. Fairy lights in jars are becoming increasingly popular, and are perfect for a summer party theme. Whatever you choose to do this party season, just remember to have fun!