Fall in Love With Open Shelving

Open shelving can seem overwhelming. Having all of your items on display seems like a daunting reality, but if you do it right, your kitchen will look amazing! There are many different ways to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen and can fit any style you like!

Floating shelves made from raw materials like timber can be a great edition to a farm-house style kitchen.

But what if you prefer a more rough and rustic look? Live-edge shelves could be just what you’re looking for! Live-edge shelves are slabs of wood where some of the bark is still visible. Though they are a bit pricier than your average shelf, they make amazing conversation pieces and create a rustic experience in your home. In a modern kitchen, having sleek open shelving on each side of a range hood can create a great symmetrical look. Or if you like having a more eclectic look, pairing up shelves made from different materials and placing them at different heights can create an amazing visual experience.

When placing wall cabinets, instead of putting them the whole way across the wall and cutting it off at the end, try wrapping them around and make use of the corner space! Since most corners are relatively hidden from view, use this space for microwaves and other less attractive kitchen gadgets. Instead of placing cabinets above your range hood, try using shelving instead to create a more spacious and airy look. Store your soap and dish washing utensils up here, as they won’t be affected by the moisture from cooking. Plants also love that spot!

Many people are scared of embracing open shelving because they think they need to put LOTS of shelves in. This simply isn’t the case. Having a few open shelves can radically change your kitchen, and if you only have a couple shelves, which means you only have to clean and style a couple. Open shelving doesn’t just have to be rustic of farm-house styled, it can be sleek and geometric using brass and brushed metal. Open shelving isn’t as scary or as difficult as you think, give it a try!

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