As our living spaces become smaller and smaller, finding space for all our ‘stuff’ is getting harder and harder. And if we try to Marie Kondo things, we usually find that in the kitchen, there’s still a lot of things we actually can’t get rid of.Kitchens are the heart of the home, and having and creating space is simpler than you would think! The secret to kitchen storage is to think outside the box.

Magnetic strips or knife blocks are a brilliant way to keep your knives and utensils in easy reach. Make the most of your kitchen space by sticking magnetic strips on a wall or splashback above your benchtop. You can also hide them inside doors or cabinet walls. Your doors can also double as handy space savers – suspending racks on the inside of cabinet doors is a great way to store condiments, jars and spices. Try putting in some hooks to hang your utensils, pans or chopping boards. You can even add rails, racks or hooks to the inside of your kitchen door. Leave it wide open up against your kitchen wall and you’ve got yourself another pantry space.

And if you’ve got a spare wall or two in your kitchen then make the most of it by mounting some extra cabinets or shelves. You can even leave the doors off your cabinets or use glass doors to show off cookbooks or decorative plates, bowls and cups.

And clever tips for storing food? Utilise airtight containers to keep food fresh and safe from pests. It’s a good idea to label and stack them neatly on top of each other to fit more into smaller spaces. You can avoid rummaging around for larger items like chopping boards or trays by storing them in a storage basket or two. You can even use some old decorative tins or glass bottles to keep all your utensils and supplies.

Drawer dividers are a great way to declutter your cutlery. A great way to avoid hunting through a jumble of metal every time you need a particular pot or pan is to keep them separate and stored in categories. The latest corner units also make maximum use of difficult, usually wasted spaces so that drawers can be added for additional space (how clever are these?!).

Finding space in your kitchen is easy and can improve liveability and practicality!

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