Kitchen trends for 2019 are looking luxurious. In previous years, light and bright was the go-to finish, but dark is here to stay! From sleek gloss black and black stainless steel through to matte black and deepest-grey anthracite finishes, everyone is on the scene. It not only brings an immediate level of sophistication and mystery, but it can also be achieved on a budget.

Black kitchens with dark cabinetry and floor tiles give the heart of the home a polished and contemporary feel. Matte black is becoming increasingly popular, as well as the use of black stainless steel. Black stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular amongst families as it doesn’t leave finger print marks, unlike regular stainless steel. People are loving small additions of black in their kitchen as well, such as microwaves, tapware and coffee machines.

The appeal of the black kitchen look is often in how striking the shade is against contrasting colours—black cabinets with a white backsplash can look ultra-polished. You’re not limited to achieving this look with just a paint roller. Black subway tiles are a stunning way to add depth with texture and visual intrigue. Just like an all-black outfit, the key to making a black kitchen visually interesting is all in the layering of various textures, and materials.  A great way to make a black kitchen really pop is to contrast it with brushed brass hardware. This super contemporary look can read clean and sophisticated once all the faucets, lighting, and handles are installed.

Another dreamy material that can easily bring this trend to fruition is opting for a black marble countertop or backsplash. It’s incredibly easy to wipe down, instead of paint, which only wears over time, and gives an opulent lasting impression. There’s so many different options with a black kitchen, so there’s something for everyone to love!

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