Handle-less Kitchens! (just right for COVID19 time)

Handleless kitchens are a big thing in 2020, and create a modern, minimalist, futuristic look. And it’s not only for looks! Depending on how you install them, they can help save space. So how do handleless kitchens work?

There are a few different designs, but the most popular (and oldest) design is called the true grip. All it involves is a gap between the cupboard and underside of the bench top where you can slip your fingers in and open it. Another option is the ‘push to open’ design, where you simply push on the cabinet or cupboard and it pops open. Depending on how much money you have, you can go the pricier route of integrating climber units. Climber units are great for overhead storage and involve a small button on the side of the cabinet. One press and it opens! If you want to spend even more money, there is something called automatic handleless opening. Lightly touching the surface will open it, and then tapping it again will close. This lets cupboards and drawers open smoothly and silently, and with minimal effort.

Some people love the handleless look so much that they want everything handleless! You can now buy handleless sinks, fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and stove tops. One of the great things about going handleless is that you really get to show off the materials in your kitchen. Any kitchen material can be used to go handleless, so go all out with stone, marble, wood, metals or any other material that takes your fancy.

The functionality of a handleless kitchen shouldn’t go unnoticed. Say goodbye to catching your aprons, clothes and earphones on pesky handles. And say goodbye to your little one hurting their head! No more ugly handle covers! When it comes to your kitchen, more is available on the market than you think. Make your dream kitchen a reality!

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