Coloured Cabinetry Pazzazz!! Colourful Inspirations

Coloured cabinetry is in! Making a huge difference in your home is as simple as swapping out or painting your existing cabinets to a different colour. Choosing what colour you want your cabinetry can be a difficult choice though… but worry not! We’re here to save the day.

Let’s start with what kind of feeling you want in your space. Warmer colours will help bring life to your kitchen and will create a homey feel. Reds, oranges, pinks and yellows are great colours to achieve that look. Greys, blues, purples and greens create cooler, more relaxed spaces.

Now what will you pair with these colours? Pairing wooden surfaces with colourful cabinetry can create an amazing effect. Depending on what tones you use, you can achieve whatever look you want! A pinkish coral colour paired with some smooth stone and warm timber accents can create a wonderful Mediterranean look.

A light teal blue paired with cold blue toned surfaces create a beautiful beachy look.

Black appliances mixed with reflective gold surfaces can create an elegant and fancy feel.

Mixing in matching or contrasting tea towels, pendant lights, bar stools, pots, pans and tapware can create such a huge difference as well. Go on and give it a try!